Welcome to the IABC/Japan website!

IABC/Japan is a local chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in Japan, founded in 2010.

In Japan, many corporations and organizations are vulnerable to various communication problems, but few recognize the need for business communication expertise. As a result, career development for business communication professionals remains behind in comparison to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region and the world, which is why we, as the IABC/Japan chapter, feel compelled to make a contribution.

Applying the wide range of experiences and perspectives that IABC has built and provided over time, IABC/Japan seeks to encourage the growth of business organizations, and to benefit society as a whole, by helping shape a distinctive expertise and a path for career advancement for business communication professionals.

IABC/Japan’s Mission
* Tell corporate communication managers and directors about the activities of IABC.
* Increase participation from Japan in various IABC events , including the World Conference, and raise understanding of the importance and values of IABC.
* Conduct our own events and smaller local study sessions to exchange information among members.

IABC/Japan’s Goals
* Develop global business communication professionals.
* Participate actively and vigorously in the IABC World Conference, providing our opinions and insights.
* Host global and Asia/Pacific conferences in Japan.

Last but not least, we are also here to assist foreign companies in doing business in Japan, and vice versa, connecting them with the right local partners for communication tool development, media relations and cross-cultural communication.